The Lake Connection is a world leader in marketing the Lake Amphibian. Our customers are the focus of our business, and their satisfaction is the reason for our success for the past 35 years.

Do your dreams or destinations involve flying off water?

  Are you looking for a seaplane with Performance, teamed with Economy, & Versatility?

  Would you like a professional approach to training, and a support network for maintenance?

  Could we interest you in a group of seaplane pilots who are eager to share their experiences, and perhaps, to team up with you, to create new water-flying adventures?

We have a Lake Amphibian for that!

Whether acquiring, or selling an aircraft, you will receive Professional, Ethical, and Experienced guidance from The Lake Connection. With a history of sales from, and to, countries around the globe, we are prepared to assist you in meeting your aviation-related goals.

To List your Aircraft for a Retail Sale, or to Obtain Expert Help in Purchasing Aircraft:

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   Phone: (802) 893‑0117

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